Protomorphogens, Cytosol Extracts, Desiccated Glands

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There are three types of glandulars

  • Protomorphogens
  • Cytosol Extracts
  • Desiccated Glands
Protomorphogens (PMG) are extracts of the nucleic acids from the nucleus of the cell. A typical cell has two major parts: nucleus and cytoplasm. The nucleus is separated from the cytoplasm by a nuclear membrane. The nucleic acids control the function of the cell. Many practitioners use the terms protomorphogens and glandular interchangeable. PMG’s are only made with Standard Process technology. Dr. Royal Lee invented and produced them.
Some examples of PMG’s are
Drenatrophin PMG – Adrenal
Thytrophin PMG- Thyroid
Pancreatrophin PMG- Pancreas
Cytosol Extracts produce support for function and rapid relief. Unlike PMG’s, cytosols are extracts from the cytoplasm of the cell. Cytosol extracts are undoubtedly the next more important type of glandular. Cytosol extracts are used widely in the Standard Process product line and are crucial to the success of many of the best known SP products. Cytosol extracts are only produced by Standard Process. Desiccated Glands produce the full contact of the organ or tissue. Whole desiccated glands may have hormonal effects. They are not recommended for long term use. Some examples of these products are Adrenal Desiccated and Spleen Desiccated.

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