Meet Lynn

Lynn has always had a passion for helping others. This passion led her into a fulfilling 38 year career that is going strong, as a Physiotherapist. Twelve years ago, she expanded her knowledge base as a Health and Wellness Coach and earned her advanced training in Nutrition Response Testing. Lynn loves being a wife, a mother and grandmother, an artist, and a business owner. In her free time she loves to bike, watercolor paint and enjoy exploring new places.

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Meet Jim

It was around 2008. Jim was on stomach digestive medication for acid reflux. He found Standard Process and Nutrition Response Testing and hasn’t looked back. Since 2008 he has not been on any medication! Jim and Lynn went to a Standard Process Training around 2012 and that is where they really learned what this was all about. They started Viapure Wellness at that time and have not looked back from that decision either. Jim’s background is in Occupational Therapy and owning a Physical Therapy OutPatient Clinic for 20 years. Jim is also a Professional Actor and works in the Tampa Bay area at local Theatres. Jim feels without this system he would not be able to keep up with his active lifestyle in his 60’s.

Meet Hayley

Hayley has been a licensed massage therapist for 8 years, and realized the importance of supporting the body at a very young age. Being very passionate about helping others with improving their health and quality of life she earned her Advanced Clinical training certification in Nutrition Response testing. She has been helping people and their families get well safely and naturally ever since. 

She also has a passion for creating art, candles, and natural body care products. Creating safe and clean candles and body care comes from her drive of wanting to provide others with toxin free products to lift their spirits and warm their hearts. 

For fun Hayley loves to sing, go camping, and going to comic conventions with her husband.

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Meet Katy

Katy is happiest when she is helping others and companies achieve their goals. Her passion for success is contagious and she is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that everyone around her is thriving. When she is not working hard, Katy loves to explore the great outdoors with her husband. She enjoys spending time outside in her garden, making new friends with every cat she sees, and working on fun craft projects!

Meet Andrew

Andrew is a health enthusiast who discovered the transformative power of Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) in 2014. Thanks to NRT, he successfully overcame a persistent fungal infection, witnessed a remarkable improvement in his hair loss situation, and experienced a boost in both energy levels and mental clarity. Outside the realm of health, He finds joy in writing, exploring various gaming realms (cards, board, and video games), and expressing himself through voice acting. He is excited to start his journey towards holistic well-being and helping others get the same gains as he did! 

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