I found Nutrition Response Testing when I was 45 years old while in search of natural ways to handle unwanted weight gain, hair loss and debilitating fatigue. Although my blood tests came back “within normal limits”, I felt that my perimenopausal symptoms were inhibiting my ability to continue my active lifestyle as a wife, mother of two and a full-time Physical Therapist. I had a Nutrition Response Testing Consultation and it revealed that my thyroid gland was weak from toxin exposure. Within weeks of taking my supplements, I felt my energy return to normal and my hair stopped falling out!!! By following my practitioner’s supplement regimen and dietary guidelines, I had great success with the program and had never felt this healthy!
The workability of the Nutrition Response Testing Technology was very real to me and I decided to get my Advanced Training to further help my clients with natural ways of healing the body!
-Lynn Bowe

I started three new supplements to assist with detoxing and rebuilding my immune system. After the first week, I felt a huge difference. My metabolism was finally responding in the way it should have and my thyroid isn’t going haywire. I’m very encouraged for the future. Cant wait to see it through to  completion!  


My name is Hayley Imbriani, and ever since I was a young girl I always wanted to help others but didn’t know how. 

About 10 years ago was when I first stumbled across Viapure Wellness. At the time I was severely sick. I actually had to give up graduate school because of my poor health. I was suffering from severe depression and anxiety to the point where it was constant and debilitating. And not only that but I was struggling with extreme insomnia, digestive disorders, and chronic fatigue. I felt like my body was dying around me. All this at the age of 25 which is way too young to ever feel this way. I was lost and didn’t know how I was going to survive. 

Finding Viapure Wellness not only saved my own life but taught me about the the healing method that is Nutrition Response Testing. Fast forward 10 years and I am now a fully Advanced Trained Clinical Master in Nutrition Response testing with 8 years of clinical experience in helping others improve their health so they can live their best life.

My purpose is to not only help but to show others that they can improve their health and are never “stuck”. I strive to empower and educate anyone I work with so they can improve both health and lifestyle so they send their families can live healthier lives. 

I thought that as women age, they just lose their eyebrows, that this was purely normal and nothing could be done about it. I came to Hayley for hair loss and lo and behold, not only did my hair grow back on my head but also my eyebrows!! YAY! No more using fillers!

It use to take me so much time to do my makeup, due to my eyebrows, and now you’ve given me my time back!!


Lynn is a miracle worker! I have had a rotated pelvis and debilitating nerve pain from SI join dysfunction for 14 year.s In just two weeks I am almost 100% pain free and can walk normally. This is HUGE!


I have gone to a few nutritionists before and I found that Hayley will get better results with less supplements than most other people. After just the first visit with her I took the supplements she gave me and immediately felt remarkably better. She always finds the right supplements that make sense for what I’m feeling and are very effective in handling whatever I’m dealing with in the body.

I feel very comfortable telling her whatever it is I’m running into because I know she can find the root of my problem and get it corrected very effectively and efficiently. She’s also very intuitive and very caring. I rave about her to all of my friends!

Thank you Hayley, you’re the best!


I visited 3 different practitioners and tried different solutions for 10 months before I met with Hayley, who resolved my problem!


Around April 2021, I developed a small wart on my right kneecap. At first I thought it was a skin tag and didn’t think much of it. Then it started spreading, so in September 2022, I visited a Dermatologist. She prescribed me a topical cream and told me to increase it as tolerated. I increased it a lot, and it didn’t do a thing. I went back for a second visit and she prescribed me a second prescription and gave me the same instructions. Once again, nothing happened – at all. She told me my immune system was too weak to respond to the prescription.


I went to another Derm to get a second opinion in March of 2023, and I was told the same thing. She instructed I also apply oil of oregano, which I happily purchased – and again, nothing. Then, I decided to bring up the warts to my functional medicine doctor. She recommended some holistic whole food supplements and additional oils. At this point, the skin seemed to be somewhat responding to the new protocol, but not nearly enough for the warts to fall off or start to heal.

In July 2023, I was ready to give up and get a procedure that would leave a lasting scar (and possibly not even eliminate the root cause of the wart, leaving the possibility that it may return). At that point, my Chiropractor’s office recommended ViaPure Wellness. I was willing to try anything! So I went and Hayley worked with me. She was extremely diligent, cautious, and communicative. I like to ask a lot of questions. She answered all of them and I felt at ease. She seemed extremely confident that her evaluation would lead me to the solution I had hoped for for over two years – to naturally eliminate the warts for good.


Immediately I started feeling a difference. I could tell my skin was actually responding to the new supplement and oil protocol. My skin tingled and started changing color (in a very good way). It still took some time though. After about six weeks, the wart started rubbing off little by little. The first day I took a cloth to gently massage the skin and saw it peel away, I had a huge smile on my face. I had become doubtful of my skin healing, and now I was finally seeing it happen before my own eyes.


That was about four weeks ago, and today my skin is continuing to heal and the wart bumps are 100% gone! The surrounding skin is still pink and looking better each day. I am extremely grateful for Hayley and the Via Pure team. I truly never thought I would find a solution. I cannot describe the joy and gratitude, especially seeing Hayley’s care by checking up on me. If it weren’t for Hayley, I would likely still be searching for a solution or have moved forward with the procedure. It feels amazing to have my skin be healthy and healed again! 


Michael is 2 1/2 years old and has had eczema since he was 1. We have tried everything. We came in to see Hayley and she’s been wonderful to work with. Michaels eczema has completely cleared in less than a month. He’s eating all the foods we thought were a factor without any side effects. We are so grateful for her. 


This is a patient of mine who in the last couple months started having severe flare ups with his skin. He has persistent acne outbreaks that would just not go away no matter what.

The last time I saw him a few weeks ago he tested for chemical toxins, specifically personal care products.

I put him on the supplement he needed to clear out the toxicity and told him to bring back any products that touch his skin.

Today he brought in a HUGE box full of all sorts of things: toothpaste, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, hair dye, cologne, essential oils, lip balm, you name it!

Upon testing him some of the items were fine, but we discovered that his 7th generation laundry detergent and dryer sheets among a couple other items crashed his body.
The toxins that read were fragrances, formaldehyde, and chemical additives.🤮🤮

On plus side his skin is doing way better than last time since we added in the supplement to help his body with the toxins. And he is much happier. Especially since the acne on his face is clearing too!

So now that he knows where he is getting the toxins from he can cut them out and help his skin even more!🎉 💓🙌

With Nutrition Response Testing we are able to find the why behind unwanted body conditions safely and with out drugs!

I’ve been doing this for over 8 years as a practitioner and it still amazes me to this day the results we have with making lives better.❤️ -Hayley

“Hayley is a life saver! 
 Some years ago she helped me clean away some bad stuff and I managed to get pregnant with my second child! 
 And now she saved me again. I got some really bad reactions during the covid pandemic, and first connected the reactions to the delivery of the second baby. But I soon realized the reactions were too weird to be related to that. I who never had headaches started getting them on a regular basis. 
I developed some weird allergic reactions: Coughing, sneezing developed suddenly without any other symptoms. My skin got very oily and I noticed how I was aging too fast.
 And I came to Hayley and feel a huge difference now less than 2 weeks on my supplement program! No more headaches, allergic reaction gone, and feeling a lot better about my women specific issues. 
My skin even started glowing again! Hayley even helped my kids to get better and on immune support so they get even healthier. I’m forever grateful!”

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