Natural First Aid Kit MUST HAVES!

Add these great products to your first aid kit! šŸ§°

Chlorophyll Ointment– Fat soluble chlorophyll is excellent for topical applicationsĀ such as lesions, burns, leg ulcers, skin lesions and wounds, bed sores, and rectal itching/ hemorrhoidal relief. It is a stimulant for skin regeneration and healing. Note: This product is GREEN and will stain.

USF Ointment– Unsaturated fatty acid ointment for healing, lubrication, and penetration into the skin. “USF” stands for ” unsaturated fatty acid” This is Vitamin F ointment. Great for eczema, Dermatitis, sunburns, burns, dry skin, diaper rash, herpes lesions. Chlorophyll Ointment is better for treating burns, but it is so messy that unless the burn is severe, USF ointment would be the product of choice. It is very healing.Ā It can also be used on any cuts scrapes or small open areas for healing.


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