Different vitamins women need during that “painful” time of the month.

Did you know there are certain vitamins and minerals we need more of during that time?  🤔

Below is a great article that talks about the different vitamins women need during that “painful” time of the month. 👇👇👇


✅In studies, vitamin A has proven beneficial in reducing some PMS symptoms. Be sure to use a natural source of this nutrient, such as cod liver oil, as synthetic versions can be toxic.

✅ Vitamin B6 is a natural diuretic and thus helps with PMS-related bloating. B6 also aids in reducing estrogen to normal levels.

✅ Pantothenic acid is always desirable for treating stress.

✅ Vitamin E is good for sore breasts and for regulating hormonal levels. This vitamin is also good for irritability and depression.

✅ Calcium and magnesium are pivotal in reducing stress, as well as encouraging proper muscle function. Painful cramping and nervous tension are almost always lessened or eradicated with calcium and magnesium supplementation.

✅ Long-chain fatty acids prompt the release of anti-inflammatory substances known as prostaglandins. A particular fatty acid, gamma-linoleic acid or GLA, has been shown to be of special value in resolving PMS and other ailments. It is found in evening primrose oil, borage oil or black currant oil.

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Whenever I have patients who need help with that time of the month I suggest that they see me while it’s happening. That’s the best time to see what’s needed in that moment.



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