Toxins in your water

Patients ask me all the time where they can even get toxins like heavy metals and toxic chemicals from.

Unfortunately it’s easier than you think.

They are in our water. Shower and drinking water. And unfortunately with all the toxic plastics and dry cleaning fluid (makes you thirsty so you drink more) plastic water bottles aren’t the best route either.

Living on planet earth, toxin overload is a problem we all face.

⚠️Common signs include:

💧Brain fog


💧Uncontrollable weight gain

💧Chronic fatigue

💧Nerve conditions

💧Ear ringing

💧Hormonal imbalances

💧Chronic neck and back pain

💧Muscle weakness

💧Bowel slowdown


⚠️And so much more!

Having a water filter that actually works and filters out chlorine, arsenic, and fluoride is so important! Many filters can actually miss the mark on this so do your research before you buy!

Also filtering not just drinking water but shower water too. When we shower in hot water the toxins like chlorine come out as a gas and we inhale them. Inhaling toxins directly effects the brain.🧠😱


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