Standard Process Thymex

Thymex helps promote lymphatic activity, along with aiding in decongesting lymphatic drainage, simulates healing and defense mechanisms against bacterial and viral infection. It is most effective in opening the lymphatic drainage in the sinus and ears, sometimes resulting in a yellow staphylococcal discharge.

Thymex is great for reducing frontal headaches due to sinus pressure and disequilibrium due to middle ear congestion.

Thymex is made from beef thymus gland. Our thymus gland is involved with antibody production. When you are exposed to bacteria, your thymus gland should immediately seed the lymphatic tissue to start the production of antibodies. It takes seven days to completely produce enough antibodies to destroy the bacteria.

As we get older, our thymus gland tends to dry up. It is not as active as it was when we were younger. A child has a large thymus, often twice the size of an adult’s. As people get older they lose the ability to build antibodies.

Thymex is one of the components of another one of our commonly used products, Congaplex.

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