Natural Sunburn Prevention

The ultraviolet rays from the sun convert skin oil to vitamin D.ūüĆě Vitamin D picks up calcium from the gut and puts it into the blood. Vitamin F (Flax Oil Plus) takes it from the blood and puts it into the tissues.

Suppose you get D and no F. Your blood calcium level will increate at the expense of the tissue calcium level, because D not only picks up calcium from the gut- in a deficiency of F, it brings calcium from the tissues back into the blood. That’s why people who get a lot of sun get think skin if they don’t eat enough Vitamin F (found in oils). They get hives, sunburn, and sunstroke!ūüėé

Excess vitamin D from extreme exposure to the sun is known to cause cancer. Well, it is only dangerous to people who are vitamin F deficient.

Hives that people get from being out in the sun a lot- this is a symptom of tissue calcium deficiency. If you give these people Flax Oil Plus, the calcium that is around in their blood is delivered into the tissues and the welts clear up.

For those that want protection from the sun, take 2 Flax Oil plus and 1 Calcium Lactate (2:1 ratio) 2 hours prior to sun exposure. One can also take this dosage the day prior and repeat the day of sun exposure if prolonged.

In cases of extreme sun exposure it may not prevent sunburn.


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