How to eat healthy when you have no idea where to start

I always have people asking me how to eat. It can be very hard to know how to eat healthy when you have no idea where to start. I can tell you that it was something I had to learn too!

And it doesn’t help that there are so many different diets and fads that work for some body types but not everyone has the same success.

For me the best thing I ever did for my health was learn how to simply eat cleaner.

Eating fake foods full of chemicals and sugar used to be a HUGE part of my diet. Growing up it was so normal to start the day with highly sugared cereals, eat goldfish crackers with my lunch, have Swanson microwaveable family style meals for dinner, and then have Oreo cookies or ice cream to finish the evening.

I didn’t know that I was feeding disease by eating these foods, and grew up with health issues my whole life that continued to grow more severe with age.

It wasn’t until I was desperate to figure out what was wrong till I learned more about the importance of nutrition, and switched to a cleaner diet. 10 years later and I feel myself continuing to get healthier each year. And I’ve handling things with nutrition that I thought I was going to get stuck with my entire life!

It’s not instant, but it’s so worth it! And I just wanted to share this with you all to at least give a good starting point. If nothing else cutting out sugar and processed foods is a GREAT start for anyone wanting to improve their health. 💗

Please share if you’ve had a similar experience!

A few things to add to the image below:

💚In my observation most stevia is a processed food and I avoid it. If I do stevia I opt for the fresh leaves or if it’s a green powder. The white stuff is highly processed and full of chemicals that can disrupt hormonal balance.

💚 Natural Flavors is another tricky ingredient to watch. Some times it can be a real flavor that come naturally from a real food but most of the time it’s not and can often be MSG in disguise.
Which can create inflammatory responses in the body.

Written by Hayley Imbriani


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