Harmful effects of chemicals and toxins you clean with!

The harmful effects of chemicals and toxins present in many commercial cleaning products have led consumers to seek safer, more sustainable options for maintaining a clean and healthy home environment. Lets explore why natural cleaning solutions (including Thieves Young Living cleaner sold right in our office) are preferred over traditional brands along with some ideas for replacing the toxic cleaners!

Ingredients like ammonia, chorine bleach, and synthetic fragrances have been linked to respiratory health issues, skin irritations, and even more severe health problems with prolonged exposure. Moreover, these chemicals contribute to indoor air pollution and can have detrimental effects on aquatic life when washed down the drain.

Some great natural cleaning solutions are:

  1. Thieves- free from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors! (Can be purchased at our office! Ask us next time your in)
  2. All Purpose Cleaner- Use vinegar, water and essential oils like lemon or tea tree for an added disinfecting power.
  3.  Glass Cleaner- Mix equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle, adding a few drop or essential oil for a fresh scent. This solution effectively cleans glass surfaces without leaving streaks or harmful residues.
  4. Floor Cleaner- Combine water, castile soap, and a few drops of essential oils such as lavender or peppermint for a gentle yet effective floor cleaner suitable for hardwood, tile or laminate floors.
  5. Air Fresheners- AVOID aerosol air fresheners loaded with synthetic fragrances and opt for natural alternatives like essential oil diffusers, homemade room sprays, or simmering pots with citrus peels and herbs.
We hope you enjoyed these tips!

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