Do you have any of these unexplained symptoms occurring?

Over the last few months we have been seeing a range of various “unexplained” symptoms such as these listed below:

– Brain fog
– Joint pain
– Skin rashes
– Headaches
– Bloody noses
– Cramping in legs
– Severe Memory loss
– Unexplained vomiting
– Muscle pain, achy-ness
– Digestive upset and nausea
– Speech problems/ forgetting words
– Nerve problems, especially at night
– Heavy/ unexpected menstrual cycles

If you or anyone you know are experiencing anything like this… send them in! We can help!
Hayley and Lynn have a new/additional test kit that is creating a great effect with these symptoms!

Check out this success story!

“I have never really had any major body issues, and anything that came up I could handle relatively quick. That is, until I got COVID in 2021. The actual sickness didn’t last that long but after I had COVID I noticed weird body pains, mind fog and just general body issues that I never used to have. All stimulating from having COVID and the lingering nonsense in my body.

I started seeing Lynn at ViaPure Wellness and she found residual, let’s call them “COVID Leftovers” in my body. These leftovers would constantly “activate” and cause random pains in my body, or weird exhaustions, mind fog and other random issues that were not normal. Sometimes they wouldn’t affect me at all, or they’d go away and come back later. It was all random, but it kept happening.

After being on a consistent program and maintaining my vitamin regiment from Lynn, I noticed the effects less and less. As I continued the program it got less and less and finally, I barely notice any effects and my body feels back to normal.

Because COVID was a virus, it’ll never officially “leave” my body, but I have noticed that on the program Lynn gave me, my body is able to keep it at bay and my body feeling normal and when something changes, I go see her again and get my program adjusted and I go back to normal!

It’s been an incredible difference and I actually feel normal again”


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