Did you know dehydration can cause severe symptoms

Did you know dehydration can cause severe symptoms, and can even make you feel like you have a urinary tract infection?! 😰

Check out this win from an amazing patient following her wellness protocol with me.

“I started seeing Hayley in order to resolve a physical problem with viral like symptoms I was experiencing. I was blown away by her care and knowledge on the subject. The next area to take of was my adrenals which had basically gone on vacation, and again she was able to quickly resolve the problem that was quickly destroying my life!

After that I had some of the scariest vertigo imaginable and Hayley was able to completely determine what my body needed, which was electrolytes! I was so severely dehydrated it was trying to kill me.

An interesting side effect is that I was previously diagnosed with painful bladder syndrome, which is a life long ailment. This is now completely gone! My life and wellness has taken a 180 degree turn since trusting Hayley.”

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