Cod Liver Oil

Did you know that most Cod Liver Oil products on the market have been stripped of their naturally occurring vitamins, essential fats, and other natural co-factors. Most Cod Liver products on the market have synthetic vitamins and EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) added to them to give them a great label claim.

Standard Process Cod Liver Oil has not been stripped of its naturally occurring properties so you can enjoy the benefit of naturally occurring Omega-3s but also vitamin A factors. It also has natural vitamin D and coenzyme Q10.

This product is also great for children as it can be punctured and it tastes excellent with the natural lemon flavor.

The research dates back several hundred years providing benefits of Cod Liver Oil for curing Rickets and many other conditions. More recent research has shown Cod Liver Oil is very effective in supporting many conditions such as Diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, breast health, and pain and inflammation.


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