Chinese Body Clock

The Chinese body clock is a centuries-old approach to understanding the body’s natural rhythms and optimizing health.

According to traditional Chinese Medicine, our bodies follow a cyclic pattern, with each organ system reaching its peak energy at specific times of the day.

1. Early Morning (3am- 5am):

  • The body begins its wake up phase, preparing for the day ahead
  • This time is associated with the lungs.
2. Morning (5am- 7am):
  • During this time the large intestine, signaling the body to eliminate waste.
3. Late Morning (9am- 11am)
  • Focus now turns to the stomach supporting optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. It is important to choose foods that nourish the body.
4. Midday (11am-1 pm)
  • The heart takes the stage at this time promoting emotional balance and mental clarity! Take a short break to relax!
5. Afternoon (1pm- 3pm)
  • Energy flows to the small intestine aiding in further digestion. Opt for lighter, protein rich meals to sustain energy levels.
6. Late Afternoon (3pm- 5pm)
  • At this time the focus shifts to the bladder encouraging hydration and toxin elimination.
7. Evening (5pm- 7pm)
  • During this period your energy goes to your kidneys promoting a restorative process and hormone regulation.
8. Night (7pm- 9pm)
  • The body then transitions to the pericardium phase!
9. Late Night (9pm- 11pm)
  • Then focus turns to the triple burner, supporting metabolic processes and body temperature regulation.
10. Midnight (11pm-3am)
  •  The liver takes the spotlight where detox and rejuvenation occurs during sleep.

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