Did you know your mouth talks to your body, and your body talks back? 👄

Each tooth in our body connects and impacts different organs. If we have a batería trapped in our teeth or gums, that will spread the bacteria right to the rest of the body. And hold it there!

This is why constant infections and sickness can occur. 🤧😷🤒

And this is why what we put in our mouths matters! 🍫🍩🍪🍦🧁🍰

Eating sugar create bacteria that thrive in our mouth and the spread to the gut and everywhere else. This can create halitosis (bad breath) and irritable gassy bowel issues.

☠️ Using tooth paste, mouth wash, etc full of toxic chemicals and ingredients (fluoride) can spread from our mouth and throughout our entire lymphatic system. ☠️

Having metals such as mercury, tin, silver, in the mouth creates long term heavy metal toxicity problems that can show up in many different ways: headaches, edema, weight gain, liver/kidney malfunction, chronic neck and back pain, weakened immune system, bowel problems… the list goes on. 😵

So what do we do??? 🤔

I’m going to share with you all the things I do to keep my mouth clean and healthy! 👇👇👇

💙Keep up with regular teeth cleanings every 6 months and see a natural Dentist who doesn’t use toxic chemicals to clean the gums and teeth. And who removes metal ethically so it doesn’t go right into your body upon removal.

*I go to Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry.

💙Use clean natural tooth paste/ tonics that kill bacteria and remineralize the teeth with out feeding you toxins. I use Tooth Gum Essentials Tonic and Viva Doria Tooth paste.

💙Floss after every meal with clean non toxic floss. I use Desert Essence because they cost the floss with tea tree oil instead of fake flavoring.

💙Phillips sonic are tooth brush plus a waterpik are important tools I use everyday to cut back on tarter. Tooth and Gum essentials makes a great gum solution I use in my waterpik.

💙Swishing with coconut oil mixed with ozone. It’s stinky but it gets the job done. Swishing with coconut oil is great too for pulling out bacteria.

💙Gargle regularly with warm sea salt water! It’s good all the time, not just when you are sick.

💙I have a little mouth guard laser that has red and blue light. I love using just this and no gel to whiten my teeth, improve circulation in my mouth, and kill the bacteria.

💙And is course Nutrition Response Testing. I use this for myself and my patients to identify what areas are weak. The gums? The teeth? The bones? What organs are weak because of the mouth? And then identify the nutrients needed to restore gums and bones!

💙And additionally Nutrition Response testing can be used to help safely detox heavy metals that have leeched into the body from dental metals. I help prep people for getting their mercury /metal fillings removed.

Have any questions? Feel free to comment of message me! And if you ever need help with any body concern I can help! 💓💓


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